Piah / 音乐制作人, DJ 

London Kingston University  Composing for film & television Master of Music 2014 (英国伦敦 金斯顿大学 影视配乐 音乐学 硕士)

Music portfolio

Artistory MusicCan You Turn My Bulb On?
Artistory MusicInto the battle
Piahthe fist stage
Artistory MusicChasing after my shadow
Artistory MusicI’m coming to you closer

Music reels in 1 min

PiahOST in 1m
PiahRetro in 1 min
PiahDNA in 1 min
PiahFears in 1 min
Funk colors in 1 min
PiahLiquid in 1 min
PiahClap in 1 min
PiahAsia Express in 1 min
Piah Melodica in 1 min
Piah String & Piano in 1 min
PiahElectric Piano in 1 min
PiahRainy Day in 1 min
PiahLP in 1 min
PiahTicket in 1 min
PiahVintage in 1 min
PiahTravel in 1 min